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Lead Like A Queen

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First of all, I want to welcome you here to LLAQ. I am Donna Marie Johnson, a leadership development coach who has been supporting women leaders for decades.

Purpose OF BLOG

This blog is a place to share excerpts of the content that I share with coaching group members, as a preview for you.  We would love to help you with your journey so you can confidently Lead Like A Queen.

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BLOG Topics

We are covering all aspects of life and business that impact how women lead, from practical areas like managing money with confidence, to spiritual areas like using faith to manage anxiety problems.

For the sake of the unique needs of the group, we focus on what is most relevant to our LLAQ members, as they engage with me and each other and become more clear about their needs.  So, even though enrolled group members get lifetime access to the LLAQ coaching materials as learning tools, each person crafts their own customized leadership coaching experience that fits their unique needs.


Our ultimate goal is to support you in transforming your level of confidence in your leadership strengths which empowers you to continue growing and become even stronger as you Lead Like A Queen.

Type of Members

The type of members we help are women who may or may not hold traditional "leadership" roles.  All of us, yes I include myself, recognize the seed of leadership that is already within us, and are ready to plant a new seed to foster greater transformation.  Most women leaders need empowering support which enables us to build more confidence, after years of being undervalued and overlooked in the roles we have held at home, at church, in school, at work, and/or in business.

Supporting Caregivers as Leaders

Specifically, some women leaders like myself are wives who are now spousal caregivers for their husbands -- or widows or divorcees -- in addition to homeschooling; or caregiving for children or other relatives; or working; or running a side business. 

We now find ourselves as the leaders of our homes by default...

when previously, for years or decades, our husbands were leading our family's money management and fixing broken things in and around the home, etc.  We now find ourselves lacking confidence to lead, in addition to recovering from the trauma and grief experienced by illness, death, divorce, or other tragedies.  Our private, confidential support group provides an environment to get perspective; and it is a safe place to share and encourage other women leaders.

Within community, not in a depressed or anxious isolated space...

is where we heal our selves and help each other push past circumstances and build a new view of ourselves as  confident leaders of family and home.



From the time you enroll, you receive lifetime access to leadership development materials to help you learn at your own pace.


Within the coaching group, you will have leadership transformation prompts to help you dig into the learning materials and get results in your own life on your own terms.  Everyone has different needs for learning and for outcomes, so you get to tailor your own learning experience and transformation journey to fit your own unique needs.


You also get my support as your leadership development coach with four individual sessions per month, which will empower you to identify a specific leadership coaching goal and the action steps needed to achieve it within a four week timeframe.  The VIP coaching bundle is the best choice to make sure that you are fully invested in and committed to your transformation process.

Your coaching options are:

  • VIP: You can save by enrolling in the VIP Bundle to get your transformation journey jumpstarted. (VIP's get waived enrollment fee and first dibs in the appointment calendar with a scheduled weekly session on the same day and time for four consecutive weeks.); OR
  • AS NEEDED: You can purchase individual coaching sessions and access the appointment calendar to secure your day and time whenever you are ready.
 Plant the Seed for Your Transformation. Click to Enroll.

Plant the Seed for Your Transformation. Click to Enroll.