Academic Tutoring Registration

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Academic Tutoring Registration

from 15.00

Register for two one-hour sessions of academic tutoring per subject per child to start elementary/middle student’s year off well, and support them as the year progresses with math and/or language arts.

Hours Included:

OUR GOAL: Help parents / guardians to support their students with building confidence and being more challenged academically. Because we really care and strive to be as effective and goal-oriented as possible, a two session minimum is required to ensure that there is follow-up after the initial session.

  • Base Rate: $7.50 per hour per subject for elementary / middle school grade levels
  • Terms: 2 hour minimum; both hours can be on same day or different days
  • We use secure PayPal payments.
  • Bundle Savings: Save by buying a discounted bundle of hours
  • ONLINE TUTORING: Affordable. Convenient. Requires both strong wifi and a good computer with webcam.

  • IN PERSON TUTORING: The rate for in person tutoring is higher than if you choose online tutoring. Available locations are within the South Atlanta Region.

  • PHONE FOLLOW-UP: For follow-up sessions only, a phone may be used in lieu of webcam, but this will not be used for initial sessions.